I am a fibre artist based in Manchester UK, and am graduating from the University of Salford with a First Class BA Honours degree in Visual Arts, in 2018. My primary tool for creating is the tufting gun, and I have practiced this process-based art for the past two years. Although I can take commissions for practical rugs, I prefer to use the tufting gun for contemporary art.

The tufting gun is my heavy paintbrush, allowing me to create my own canvas free of rigid bounds. Tufting is a specialist rug-making process, where yarn is shot through backing fabric with compressed air. The design is created from behind, so I must physically walk around the frame to see final results. Tufting is comforting, warm and familiar. Although the results are soft, fluffy and feminine, the gun itself is pneumatic, powerful and masculine.

Rugs are typically crafted with the purpose of being touched and interacted with. To display them on a wall, rendered unusable in the traditional sense, suitable for only visual interactions, changes their function and invokes curiosity from a viewer. Being unable to touch is a vital aspect of their context, as it forms a sense of mystery, longing and distance that allows a unique appreciation and engagement with them. Each element of my artwork is chosen to contrast one another; I make bold choices with colours and materials. 

About Alena

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