Alena Ruth Donely

Her Face collaboration (2018)

Touch Me // Please Don’t Touch Me (2017)

Self-Portrait (2018)

Dripping Egg (2018)


Hello! I am a fibre artist based in Salford Manchester, specialising in using a pneumatic tufting gun with vegan materials. My visual style is unapologetically technicolour, playful & emotive.

I draw inspiration from modern existentialism, 2000s emo culture & The Bizarre; but also narrate my own experience of mental illness. My process & themes are best described as an industrial sweetness.


What is Tufting?

This rug-making technique uses an electric or pneumatic gun to shoot yarn in a hollow needle through stretched fabric..

Etsy & Social Media

That’s right, I sell my tufting too! I love making custom pieces to make peoples’ homes cosier & I’m always open to weird ideas.

Photo by Amanda Clarke 2019

Photo by Amanda Clarke 2019

Meet the Artist

Curious who makes these colourful rugs? This is me! A 22 year-old female who likes yellow hair, quirky clothes & body modifications. I’m a sensitive soul who puts heart in my art.